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Artist Statement

Space, color and tranquility are the main focus of my work.


I am constantly researching how colors affect each other. How little or how much it takes to create space. And at the same time I strive for a certain tranquility within the picture frame.


I always work on many paintings at once. Because the repetition and the forced slowness in the form of the many layers of paint, and the fact that I use oil, makes the process and the material a big part of the work.


Precision is a key word in my work process. At the same time it should not be too precise. I use masking tape to make my layers (lines) with. If you study the work closely, you can often see that they are not completely straight or that there has been some paint next to it, leaving a trace of the imperfection.

At the same time, there is also texture in the painting, due to the many layers. The layers are an important part of the work. The textures the layers create, is a reference to the process in the creation of the work. The structure in the painting comes from the small lumps of solidified remnants of paint that remain on the canvas, which is enhanced  by all the layers of paint that I have to go through to build my spaces.


I think that part of the poetic strength of the works lies here. It is a slow process that takes time. And it shows in the work.


In my new paintings for the exhibition The Tranquility of Space, I continue to work on how the space can "step out" of the picture frame. And I work with shifts of the perspective and overlaps in the work  in order to create an illusion of space and spaces that can not necessarily be created in reality.


The pallet of the paintings I hope, enhances the impression of spaces and create tranqulity. I have always been fascinated by earthy tones along with e.g. cadmium colors and I often look at Hammershøj, Morandi, Bonnard, Monét for inspiration to solve the color codes of the painting.


For me painting has a mathematical likeness, it is like solving a problem.

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Born 1976, Lives and Works in Copenhagen, Denmark

Member of the Danish Visual Artists


2016-2018, Has founded an run the very successful exhibition space Røm in Valby,

together with Jeanette Hillig, Jakob Hunosoe, Anne Torpe

and Elisabeth Anker-Møller.


2020 CCA Andratx, Artist-in-Resindency



2006 The Royal Danish Academy, School of Design.
1999 Drawing School by Lis Nogel
1996 Holbæk Art School

2000 - 2014 apprenticeship at Lis Nogel
2000 - 2006 apprenticeship at Niels Erik Gjerdevik


Now: Neu?Ja! Galerie Bludin Berisha , Hamburg, GE

From April 6 th- May 18 th 2024




Solo Show The Tranquility of space, Domeij Gallery, Stockholm, SE

2023 Sexy Xmas The Lodge, LA, USA

2019 Winter Show, Christoffer Egelund, DK

2019 Summer Show, Christoffer Egelund, DK

2018 Winter Show, Christoffer Egelund, DK

2018 250th Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London UK

2018 Show up, RØM, Valby, DK

2017 Frederiksbergsalonen, DK

2017 The Devil is in the Detail, VÆG Gallery, Aalborg, DK

2017 Constructions, Vrå Kunsthal. Vrå, DK

2016 Røm, Walking The Gap, Solo Show, DK

2015 0601-0603, Copenhagen, Denmark, DK

2015 Nordahl & Nissen Contemporary, Summer Exhibition, DK

2015 Nordahl & Nissen Contemporary, Grand Opening, DK

2015 Saatchi Art's Showdown Prize top 30, Ace Hotel, Los Angeles, USA

2014 Hanover Project, In the city, Preston, UK

2013 Galleri KIRK, DK

2013 Galleri KIRK, Double art in Double A, DK
2013 Kunstnernes Easter Exhibition, Kunsthal Aarhus, DK
2012 Bischoff, Untitled, Holbæk, DK
2010 Nakke Hage, KE, Copenhagen, DK
2009 Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling, Gl. Holtegaard;DK
2008 Møstings Hus, Space In Between, DK
2007 Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen, DK
2007 Grimmerhus, Network Europa, DK
2007 Turf Gallery, London,UK

2006 Network Europe, Guldagergaard, DK
2006 Nakke Hage, Copenhagen, DK
2005 Kunstnerens Efterårsudstilling, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, DK
2004 Illums Bolighus, DK
2003 Det Ny Kastet, Thisted, DK
2002 Det Ny Kastet, Thisted,Dk
2002 Springexhibition , Charlottenborg , Copenhagen, DK



2008  Work Scholarships at the Danish Art Workshops.

2006  Network Europe; The National Bank of Denmark Jubilee foundation of 1968, Augustinus Foundation, Oticon Foundation, Ellen og Knud Dalhoff Larsens Foundation

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